WOW Story of the Week from Breathless Cabo San Lucas!

You have made it halfway through the week, Breathless® Resorts & Spas fans! To celebrate, we are sharing a WOW Story of the Week from Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort & Spa!

A WOW Story highlights an instance where a resort goes above and beyond for a guest or group.

Read on to learn how the Breathless Cabo staff made a 10th wedding anniversary extra special!

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WOW Story of the Week from Breathless Cabo San Lucas!

In May, Mrs. M contacted the Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort & Spa team to let them know that she would be staying at the resort that month with her husband to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. At this time, she also booked an 80-minute couple’s aromatherapy massage.

Once the property’s spa team learned that the couple would be celebrating a special occasion, they devised a covert plan, putting “Mission M” into action. Mission M commenced on May 31st when the security team radioed the spa staff, informing them that the couple was in motion toward the spa – the team knew it was execution time.

When Mr. and Mrs. M arrived at the spa, the kind receptionist, Vianey, welcomed them warmly, requesting that they complete the necessary forms to receive their massages. Little did the couple know that Vianey and her team had decorated the health surveys with pop-out paper hearts. Upon seeing the hearts, Mrs. M smiled, expressing her appreciation for how beautiful the small, added touch was.

Without revealing any additional details about the mission, the resort’s valets led the couple to the locker, hydrotherapy and lounge areas where the guests discovered more hearts containing a sequence of numbers to represent their years of marriage.

Finally, it was time for their treatments and the best parts of the anniversary surprise. Their massage therapists, Veronica and Fanny, led them to the WOW treatment room where the couple found another heart on the door. Upon entering the cabin, the loving couple was shocked to see what the Breathless Cabo San Lucas team had organized for them – beautiful, personalized decorations. The cabin was filled with gorgeous candles, a sign created from coffee beans to spell “Our 10 Years Together” and “Happy Anniversary,” as well as their two initials “A” and “L” formed from red rose petals. Surprised to see Mission M come to life, the loving couple was thrilled and graciously thanked the therapists for their attentiveness and detailed surprise.

Veronica and Fanny then informed them that their spa treatment would also include a foot ritual, during which they would purify their union through water and an exfoliation. During the ritual, the therapists instructed Mr. and Mrs. M to close their eyes and reminisce about the day they first met and their wonderful life together. While their eyes were closed, Mr. M was handed a bouquet of roses to give to his wife. When she opened her eyes and saw the beautiful flowers in front of her, she could not contain her tears of happiness. The couple then received two purple bracelets engraved with the resort’s logo to keep as mementos of the experience, as well as a symbol of their union and the love between them.

Finally, after their massages, the guests were accompanied to the terrace where delicious signature drinks were waiting for them to enjoy. Mr. and Mrs. M appreciated all of the details and dedicated work the spa team put into planning and executing Mission M, which left them in awe of Breathless Cabo San Lucas’ Relax Spa by Pevonia® and the entire resort team.

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