WOW Story of the Week from Breathless Cabo San Lucas!

You made it halfway through the week, Breathless® Resorts & Spas fans! To celebrate, we are sharing a WOW Story of the Week from Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort & Spa!

A WOW Story highlights an instance where a resort went above and beyond for a guest or group. Read on to learn how the Breathless Cabo staff gave a group of childhood friends’ 50th birthday the WOW factor!

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WOW Story of the Week from Breathless Cabo San Lucas!

Jeff, Mike, Art and John have been friends since childhood, and they had wanted to celebrate their 50th birthdays together. However, they had not been able to do so due to work, distance and economic issues. So, their recent trip to Breathless Cabo San Lucas Resort & Spa was very special to them, but they did not know that the Breathless Cabo team would make it unforgettable.

Upon hearing the guests’ story, the resort team gave themselves the task of organizing a “Wow Rally” during which the four friends would find clue cards in various locations that would lead them to their next destination.

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WOW Story of the Week from Breathless Cabo San Lucas!

The hunt began with a couple of pens being sent to their rooms, along with a card that read, “See you at Bites. Take these.” At the restaurant, the friends found a table set up specifically for them, and with their dessert, they found another card that read, “Go to Wink Bar and say, ‘We are the Fantastic Four’ to the bartender.”

Once they said that password to the bartender at Wink, he presented them with a signature drink and another card that read, “Just listen.”

While they were enjoying their drinks, the live band began playing the “Happy Birthday” song and a beautiful cake arrived, along with a few sheets of paper and yet another card. The card gave the following instructions: “Happy Birthday Jeff, Mike, Art & John! We hope we left you Breathless. Now that you all have pen and paper, why don’t you write something you want to say to each other? But don’t show your papers. Find June at the Concierge Desk and hand her the envelopes.”

When the four gentlemen reached June, in exchange for their letters, they were given their final card that read, “Beach tomorrow at 8pm, You’ll see us…”

The following day, the Breathless Cabo team surprised them with a special bonfire on the beach where the team asked Jeff, Mike, Art and John to create a bucket list of things they want to do together. Then, they placed the list in a time capsule, along with the letters they had written the day before, and buried it in the sand. They all agreed that the time capsule will be opened on their next visit to Breathless Cabo, or if they visit any other AMResorts hotel, it will be sent to them there. Once it is opened, then they can finally read their letters and check off which activities they will have completed on the list.

We are so proud of the staff for going above and beyond for this group!

Keep an eye out for the next WOW Wednesday story – we love sharing these special moments with you! Be sure to check out our Vacations Half Off promotion going on now and drop by our special offers page for even more great deals!

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